Aquarellum Cats

Aquarellum Cats


You will love watching these cats come alive on your canvas!

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You’ll love watching these playful Kittens come to life on your canvas! Whether joyfully chewing a ball of yarn, cuddling with a friend, playfully tugging the laces on a sneaker, or getting caught up a tree, each design celebrates one of the many reasons cats have enticed and delighted us for centuries. Once painted, you’ll be proud to hang these masterpieces in your home, or give them to loved ones.

Learn how to mix colors while you create beautiful and detailed art masterpieces with just a few drops of paint. With Aquarellum’s exclusive water-resistant technique, paint adheres only to the design motif areas, making pictures appear as if by magic! The design is gradually revealed with every brush stroke and may be painted over repeatedly to obtain a perfect picture.

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