Wild Calls American Alligator

Wild Calls American Alligator


You are chomping at the bits to own this adorable wild calls alligator stuffed animal!

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Alligators are massive reptiles, as they can reach 15 feet in length and weigh about 600 pounds. They are able to live both inside and outside of the water, though they prefer staying in the water. While underwater, alligators are able to swim easily as they have Webbed feet and a powerful tail that guides them. These zoo animal toys are ideal toddler toys, baby toys, and kids toys, as they will always be looking to enjoy a nice day at the beach. The call of the Wild! Our exclusive line of wildlife plush with realistic sounds. Squeeze them to hear them roar, howl and growl! All sounds are provided by Cornell and are recorded out in the wild! If you are searching for a gift for teens, Christmas gifts, or a birthday gift for kids, This alligator plush toy will be the one they love. Wild Republic has been developing plush animals and educational toys for kids of all ages since 1979, With unique specialization in lifelike stuffed animals.

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