Meiya The Mouse Mini Plush Toy Floral Flat


Meiya the Mouse is making her debut on the mini plush toy scene, and what a welcome new addition!

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Meiya The Mouse Mini Plush Toy Floral Flat $29.99
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She is the daintiest and sweetest little girl mouse, perfect for the dainty and tender little fingers of your little sweetheart. Meiya is made of natural rubber and pure cotton components, making her super safe for your newborn or toddler. This toy is ideal for teething. Meiya brings smiles to babies, and also to moms, who can feel relief that baby can teeth on a naturally safe product, and not a synthetic plastic. It’s what sets Meiya apart from the rest! She’s precious and all natural!!!

This mini plush toy is safe for newborns and toddlers. She is Certified Non-Toxic. And she is Machine Washable. Meiya is an all around great product for baby.

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