Wild Calls Chimpanzee


The world deserves to hear the Wild Calls Stuffed Chimpanzee!

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Stuffed animals are fun but they are so quiet. Not any more! The Wild Calls Stuffed Chimpanzee with Real Sound by Wild Republic is ready to make some noise! This loud and proud plush chimpanzee makes a real chimpanzee call when it is squeezed. Funny enough, so does a real one! This plush one doesn’t mind the squeezing as much though so we really recommend it over the real thing. The real chimpanzee was recorded by the wildlife smarties at Cornell. We’re not sure if that is their official title but it’s probably close. The chimpanzee stuffed animal features a mildly realistic appearance but is more of an homage than a replica for sure. That’s okay, it is super attractive. So attractive, in fact, that you will find yourself hugging it all of the time which will undoubtedly lead to some accidental chimpanzee calls. It might be best not to take it to the library or church! You don’t want people shushing your stuffed chimpanzee and embarrassing you. Or maybe you do. Squeeze it everywhere and show people what a real chimpanzee sounds like.

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